Frequently Asked Questions

Are these stickers or decals?

These are vinyl stickers with incredibly strong adhesive backing.

What are stickers made of?

We start with high quality, tough 3 mm vinyl then digitally print images with UV resistant inks. Stickers are then coated with 2 mm clear laminate to provide scratch resistance and to improve UV resistance even further. Vinyl is completely waterproof and meant to be used on outdoor craft and vehicles in water and rain in the roughest conditions Adhesive backing is extremely sticky, but is applied in a way that allows repositioning if errors are made in application.

Are stickers hard to apply?

No, the stickers are small enough that proper application is not difficult. If a wrinkle or bubble occurs, the adhesive backing allows either repositioning or smoothing.
See our full instructions on Sticker Application

How long do stickers last?

Stickers last at least 5 years depending on type of use. Clear laminate has been used to preserve color brilliance and resist scratches and scuffs as long as possible.

How do I remove a sticker?

See our full instructions on Sticker Removal