Sticker Application & Removal

Sticker Application | Sticker Removal

Application of stickers

  • The word Surface here refers to the surface that you want to apply your sticker to.
  • Apply stickers when the temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit or more or they will not stick well!
  • You generally apply stickers starting on one side and work to the opposite side.
  • Avoid allowing sticky sides of sticker to touch each other.
  • Avoid touching the sticky side of stickers with your fingers

1. Clean surface with rubbing alcohol and allow 2 minutes to dry.

2. Lift 2 inches of sticker away from backing.

3. Gently apply the first 2 sticky inches of sticker to surface.

4. When the position is right, firmly smooth on these first 2 inches with your fingers

5. Peel the backing off another 2 inches exposing 2 more inches of sticky side of sticker.

6. Firmly smooth these next 2 inches onto surface with your fingers working from the middle to the edges in a shallow V pattern.. It helps to pull gently on the edge of the sticker opposite your initial application point while smoothing. E.g. if you started applying your sticker at 6:00 position then pull at and toward the 12:00 position. This helps to keep wrinkles and bubbles from forming

7. Continue peeling back about 2 inches of backing at a time and applying a little at a time as above in step 6 until you are done.

8. Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles with finger strokes directed from the middle of the sticker outward toward edge of sticker. Sometimes a credit card can help smooth wrinkles. If there are large wrinkles or bubbles then peel up the sticker and start again.

9. A blow dryer will help set the glue and make the sticker vinyl contract a little and can remove small wrinkles.

10. When you are done, consider using clear nail polish to coat the very edge of the sticker and overlap the surface you applied sticker to. This can keep water from getting under the sticker, but in most cases is not necessary.

Removal of stickers

  • Heat will make it easier to come off hair dryer 30s and peel back
  • Clean off residual glue with rubbing alcohol